Account Opening
Before client(s) complete the account opening forms, please read the Account Opening Form, Client Information Statement and Securities Client Agreement Standard Terms and Conditions and related schedules and appendixes, including but not limited to Risk Disclosures Statements (Schedules 3), of all which form the “Agreement” between Client(s) and our Company. 

The Agreement is legally binding, so client(s) should make sure all the information provided are true and correct. If client(s) are in doubt with the contents of the Agreement, please seek advice from legal advisor, regulator or the relevant authority before they sign it. To protect interests of client(s), client(s) are invited to visit our office in person to open a securities trading account. Before client(s) begin to trade, client(s) need to know settlement practices, all the commissions, fee and charges for which they may be liable. By opening a securities trading account to use the internet trading service, client(s) confirm that they are not subject to any legal or regulatory restrictions on dealing in securities through this website. 

(1) Client(s) need to bring along relevant supporting documents and visit our office in person during business hours to open an account. At the present moment, we do not accept any account opening through the web services. 
(2) Before Client(s) begin to trade through the internet, please deposit sufficient cleared fund into the account. 
Office address : Room 1301, 13/F., Tung Wai Commercial Building, 109-111 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong 
TEL : (852) 2666 4666
FAX : (852) 2666 4677 

Customer Service Hotline

(non-trading matters) :

(852) 2666 4666
Securities Dealing Hotline : (852) 2666 4622
E-mail :
Business Hours : 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday) (excluding Public Holidays) 

Document Required

Individual Account 
The Client(s) need to provide following: - 
  • Copy of Identity Card or Passport
  • Address proof within the last 3 months
  • Bank account proof
  • Exit/Entry Permit (Mainland resident)
  • Proof of financial assets (applicable to Margin Account opening, such as bank statement/securities account statement)
We do not accept account opening applications from the following Individual:
1. U.S. citizen and/ or resident in the U.S.
Corporate Account 

The Client(s) need to provide the following documents: -
  • Certified true copy* of
    o Memorandum & Articles of Associations · 
    o Certificate of Incorporation · 
    o Register of Directors and Register of Shareholders 
    o Latest Annual Return · 
    o Business Registration Certificate · 
    o Latest audited accounts · 
    o ID Cards/passports of all shareholders, directors and authorized person(s)
  • Address proof of all shareholders, directors and authorized person(s) within the last 3 month
  • Bank account proof
  • Address proof of the Company within the last 3 months
*true copy should be certified by designated persons (e.g. lawyer, certified public accountant, branch manager of a bank, or any other licensed person).
We do not accept account opening applications from the following companies:
1. Licensed corporations without FATCA registration; or
2. Entities registered in the U.S.A
The Client(s) need to read and take independent advice on following documents:
  Account and Product Type 
  Individual / Joint Account Corporate Account 
SECURITIES CLIENT AGREEMENT HK Stock (Cash) HK Stock (Margin Account) HK Stock (Cash) HK Stock (Margin Account)
Standard Terms and Conditions
Terms of Internet Trading (Appendix 1)
Margin Facility Terms (Appendix 2)    
Risk Disclosure Statements and Disclaimer (Appendix 3)
Personal Information Collection (Customers) Statement pursuant to the Personal Data (Privacy)Ordinance (Appendix 5)
Please complete and sign the required documents as follows:
  Account and Product Type 
  Individual / Joint Account Corporate Account 
Required documents HK Stock
HK Stock
(Margin Account)
HK Stock
(Cash only)
HK Stock
(Margin Account)
Account Opening Form (Individual/ Joint)    
Account Opening Form (Corporate)    
Client Investment Suitability Questionnaire
(Individual/ Joint)
Client Investment Suitability Questionnaire (Corporate)    
Acknowledgement of Margin Facility (applicable to Margin Account)      
Self-Certification Form – Individual    
Self-Certification Form – Entity    
Self-Certification Form – Controlling Person    
Standing Authority (applicable to Cash Account)    
Standing Authority (applicable to Margin Account)    
US W8BEN Form - Individual
Margin Facility Agreement    
Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity    
Board Resolution for Account Opening    

*If the Client wants to conduct China Connect Trading, he/she needs to sign Special Risk Confirmations for Northbound Trading and Confirmation Forms regarding Investor Identification regime for Northbound Trading form.



Applicable to the existing client for opening Margin Account/ China Connect/ US Stock Account:

  Account and Product Type 
  Individual / Joint Account  
Required documents US Stock Account China Connect Margin Account

Additional Securities Account Form


Special Risk Confirmations for Northbound Trading    
Confirmation Forms regarding Investor Identification regime for Northbound Trading    
Client Investment Suitability Questionnaire  ✔ 



* If Client(s) cannot open an account in person, our company may approve account opening if they can fulfill the following requirements in accordance with the Guidelines of SFC. However, we reserve the right to reject the application of account opening and shall not be liable for any further explanation.

  1. Complete the authentication by an appropriate person and countersign the Account Opening Form(s), Copy of Hong Kong Identity Card/Passport together with his/her full name and title for verification. (The appropriate person can be a registered person, a Justice of Peace, or a professional person such as branch manager of a bank, certified public accountant, lawyer or notary public.) or 
  2. Issue a cheque bearing the same signature and the same pre-printed name found in the Account Opening Form, identity document, etc. The cheque must be drawn on a licensed bank in Hong Kong and made payable to "Mouette Securities Company Limited” with an amount not less than HK$ 10,000. 

* For client(s) who cannot provide proof of his/her financial status, Mouette Securities Company Limited reserves the rights to reject any application in any situation and shall not be liable for any further explanation. Client(s) can place orders by phone after opening the account. If client(s) subscribe to use our Internet trading service, they can normally trade via the internet trading platform after receiving our login ID & passwords around 2 working days. If client(s) have any question concerning account opening, please kindly call our customer service hotline at (852) 2666 4626. 

Important Notice to Clients on Common Reporting System

To help protect the integrity of tax systems, governments around the world are introducing a new information-gathering and reporting requirement for financial institutions. This is known as the Common Reporting Standard (“the CRS”) .
The Inland Revenue (Amendment) (No. 3) Ordinance 2016 (“the Amendment Ordinance”) came into effect on 30 June 2016 and has put in place a legislative framework for Hong Kong to implement the new international standard on Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information (“AEOI”). The first exchange of information will occur by 2018. You can find more information on the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department website.
Under “the Amendment Ordinance”, Mouette Securities Company Limited (MSCL) is required to determine where you are “tax resident” (this will usually be where you are liable to pay income or corporate taxes) effective from 1 Jan 2017. We will base this on information we have already or we may ask you for additional details.
If you are tax resident in Countries/Territories outside Hong Kong then we may be required to provide details, including information relating to your accounts by submission of Reportable Account Information to Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department. They may then share that information with the tax authorities of other countries and territories where you are tax resident.
If you are identified by MSCL as a tax resident of HKSAR only, MSCL will not submit your information relating to your account to HKIRD.
In order to confirm your status under the CRS, Client need to complete the appropriate self-certification form upon account opening or when there is any change in your tax residency. There are three types of self-certification form for the CRS as per below:-
  • Individual Self-Certification Form : If you open or maintain an individual or joint Securities Account, please use this form to confirm your personal status under the CRS.
  • Entity Self-Certification Form : If you open or maintain a Corporate securities account with MSCL, please use this form to confirm your business’ status under the CRS. 
  • Controlling Person Self-Certification Form : This form is used by the Controlling Persons of certain Entities (referred to under the CRS as Passive Entities) including certain trusts, foundations and managed Investment Entities located in countries that do not participate in the CRS. Controlling Persons are those individuals that control the Entity, either by ownership or control by other means. A Controlling Person in certain circumstances will be referred to as the Senior Managing Official.

If you have any questions regarding your tax residency, please refer to the rules governing tax residence( that have been published by each local tax authority. If you need advice about your tax position, please contact a professional tax and/or legal advisor as MSCL is unable to provide tax advice. You may also find useful guidance on the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department website
 and the OECD CRS portal.