Fees and Charges

Information Services

Items   Monthly Fees (HKD)
Online Real-time Stock Quotation Snap shot
Max. 500 quote requests per month
IQ Continuous real time stock quotation service (Simple)
(Without Futures Quote)
IQ Continuous real time stock quotation service (Basic)
(With Futures Quote)
IQ Continuous real time stock quotation service (Mainland)
(With Futures Quote)

  1. Monthly fee will be charged regardless of the commencement date of service and will be debited from client’s account at the beginning of each month
  2. Termination of Online Real-time Stock Quotation Service should be made at least 14 working days in advance in writing

Trading and Account Services

Hong Kong Stock (HK$)

Service Items Charges Min Charges Max. Charges
Commission Negotiable $100 --
Trading Fee 0.005% of Gross Amount -- --
SFC Transaction Levy 0.0027% of Gross Amount -- --
Investor Compensation Levy Temporarily waived by SFC -- --
Stamp Duty
$1 per 1,000 Transaction Amount
(rounded up to nearest dollars)
-- --
Settlement Fee
0.01% of gross amount per each exchange trade
(Each client transaction is matched with one or more counterparties. Hence there will be one or more exchange trades according to HKEX's rules, CCASS fee is calculated per each exchange trade)
$5 $300
Overdue interest (HKD/RMB)
- Cash Accounts
- Margin Accounts
P+5% p.a.
P+3% p.a.     (P = Prime rate)
Italian Financial Transaction Tax ("Italian FTT")
(Applicable for purchase of eligible Italian companies with market capitalization of more than Euro 500,000,000 and listed in Hong Kong Exchange.)
Italian FTT is withheld by our Company for payment to Italian Government effective from 1 March 2013.
Our Company is NOT providing trading service for Italian companies which listed in Hong Kong Exchange.    
Transfer Deed Stamp Duty $5 per transfer form (for seller and deposit of new listed shares only) -- --
Stock Deposit Free -- --
Stock Withdrawal
(Physical stock withdrawal)
$5 per board lot plus handling fee $30 -- --
SI Fee(Delivery) 0.01% of gross value of a SI transaction plus handling fee of $50 per stock -- $200
(Stock Deposit)
Free -- --
(Stock Withdrawal)
$10 per transfer -- --
Scrip Fee (through CCASS) $2.5 per board lot -- --
Collection Fee
(Cash Dividend, Cash Bonus or Cash Interest Collection)#
0.5% of cash amount plus handling fee $30 -- --
Warrant Conversion, Right Subscription, Cash Offer / 
Open Offer /Privatization Take Over#
$1.2 per board lot plus stamp duty if applicable and handling fee $30 -- --
Handling Fee on Mandatory Called 
Callable Bull/Bear Contracts#
$1.2 per board lot plus handling fee $30 -- --
Unclaimed Dividend#
$300 per claim plus 2% on gross dividend amount and CCASS handling charges $330 --
Stock Conversion (DTDC, Parallel Trading)
(Transfer between the two tranches of shares)
$30 per effected transfer -- --
IPO Application $50 per eIPO application (non-margin financing)/ $100 eIPO application per margin financing -- --
Renminbi-denominated securities IPO Application RMB$100 per eIPO application
(non-margin financing)
-- --
Remittance Fee According to bank T/T charges -- --
Dishonored Cheque $200 per charge -- --
Statement Re-print $10 per page for records exceeding current 3 months -- --
Request for other account document $100 per certificate -- --
Audit Confirmation (Applicable to Corporate Account) $200 for each account -- --
* The above charges are for reference only and subject to change without prior notice.
# For Renminbi denominated Securities which are listed in HKEX, these fees will be charged in Renminbi.